Agustí Codina, Painter.
Agustí Codina studied at the Academy of Arts in Barcelona where, out of a special interest in the analysis of form and figure, he applied himself to these subjects under the tutelage of various masters of his time. After a number of exhibitions with others he goes on to become a regular exhibitor at one of the most well-known galleries of the city. He also produces mural paintings throughout Catalonia.
For a long time, he kept away from the commercial circuit and conventional painting to experiment with new techniques and start a career teaching the theory of form. He was also to become a pioneer and forerunner of professional medical photography. In the meantime, he continued to paint on commission for clients in Europe and America.
In spite of a solid academic background, he always tried, from the very beginning, to use an unconventional language to express his inner experiences. The result of this arduous route is a body of work of which the consistency is to be found in the broad range of his constant research.
He has focussed much of this research on portraits because of the dedication that this form of art demands of its maker in terms of testimony, psychology and esthetics.
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